Since 1918

Susan Currie – GPCA Clubhouse – WATER ACCESS ONLY
Mobile Phone: 416-557-6624

Cottage Phone: 416-557-6624
PublicLocation: East Burrows Bay
Items for Sale/Medium: Fabric Collage Art, Rock Carvings
Welcome to Su Currie Creates! Su is a retired teacher, now living at the lake. Since retiring, fabric art and carving have become her passions.  Su take inspiration from her natural surroundings; the texture of rocks, animal fur and feathers; the form of various flora and fauna; and the vibrant colours of the sunsets as she watches in awe from my dock. 

Through her fabric collages, Su tries to capture the beauty, textures and impressions of things that move her.  She uses a variety of materials, such as cotton, burlap, wool and sometimes even paper, to create unique, hand crafted pieces of art. Su strives to draw the viewer in closer by including an element of surprise or intrigue in each piece of work.

Her carvings, created mostly from soapstone and limestone, also reflect her love of nature. In them, she endeavors to carve simple forms that invite the viewer to want to reach out and touch.


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