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Local Townships

The GPCA home area is served by 2 townships/municipalities. The area north of the Severn River is Muskoka (Georgian Bay Township) and the land south of the Severn River is Simcoe County (Severn Township).  The township/County line goes down the middle of the lake, bending around islands.

Georgian Bay Township

  • Short Term Rental By-Law 
    For the 2024 rental season, short term rentals will be required to register and comply with the by-laws. Information about the Short Term Rental By-law can be found on the GPCA Website. 
    It is worth noting that Short Term Rental owners are not required to register immediately for 2024 however, it is recommended that those who do wish to rent in the coming season start to acquire the requirements necessary to satisfy Township criteria. 

What this means for you as a Short Term Renter
- 2 people per guest room
- 1 parking space required per guest room
- Dock required for water access properties
- Copy of STR registration must be visible
- Guest log must be maintained and updated
- Notices of Emergency Response Times must be posted
- Class ABC Fire extinguisher must be present and up to date
- The owner or their agent must be present within 60 mins of an issue arising

Short Term Rentals must register

  • Waste disposal Plan
  • Floor Plan drawn also identifying specific areas
  • Site plan drawn including multiple areas of the rental
  • No less than 2mil liability insurance
  • Entry and Inspection – Must allow CBO, By-Law of CFO to enter the property and inspect.
  • Fees: $1000.00 annually for STR's that rent for more than 21 nights per year -- $250.00 per year for STR's that rent for less than 21 nights per year. A 10% discount will be offered to those who submit a sustainability plan that is approved by staff.

What this means for you as a concerned resident

  • 24hr hotline to address complaints.
  • Dedicated by-law officer who will investigate
  • Strong enforcement capabilities for poorly behaved/negligent STR owners
  • Revocation of registration and serious fines if necessary

Severn Township

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