Since 1918

Gloucester Pool is a beautiful lake.  It will only continue to be a beautiful lake if we are mindful of our environment.

Bears are a fact of life in this area.  We must be bear-aware in our actions and know how to recognize danger.  More information on our Bears page.

Water testing is done twice a year.  We monitor the coliform and ecoli levels. 

Water Weeds (Eurasian Water Milfoil) have become a recent concern.  We had a extensive survey done in 2012, and plan to look at the situation again at some point.

Canada Geese, whose young a very cute, deposit large amount of excrement in the lake.  There are no natural enemies.  We have an active egg oiling program that limits the number of geese on our lake.

Trumpeter Swans are a species that used to be on the endangered list. \We often have a family or two of swans here.

Turtles, turtles and more turtles.  According to the Turtles at Risk group, we have some of the largest concentrations of map turtles anywhere!

In the woods in some areas, a new nasty weed has been reported Hogweed.

GPCA promotes a healthy environment, and provides this information to assist cottagers.

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