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Covid 19 presented us all with lots of challenges.  These ranged from late opening to the inability to include our many friends and family in cottage activities.  Despite that, there were bright moments.  Moments of closeness with immediate family and fun activities that we might not have thought of before. 

Show us these moments - these activities - these crafts.  Send in your pictures, and captions and/or write a line or two or a short story to go with it.  Make sure you indicate your entry is for "The good side of COVID". 

 The photo contest has closed.  Here are the entries.

28 photo(s) Updated on: 01/16/2021
  • "Go jump in the lake!" We had a wonderful labour day visiting friends at their cottage and these two who are both only children had some great fun after being away from their friends. By Jenny Leduc
  • Oh so blue!
  • Hockey with Dad. We are doing a lot of skating this winter, so lucky to live on the lake and have our own rink. By Jenny Leduc
  • A boy and his dog
  • Baby it’s cold outside!
  • Covid Summer...BEST time ever to be a dog!
  • Quiet nights and reflection
  • Winter Walks
  • Jumping in a Covid Summer
  • Social Distancing on the dock in a Covid Summer
  • Covid Summer Talents
  • Cottage Campfire in a Covid Summer
  • Life may be a giant mess but we have had many more moments together and the opportunity to get away from it all and be grateful for what we do have.
  • Working From the Cottage
  • We choose online/virtual school for our daughter this year. This is her first day of school pic on our dock with her computer. Not a bad place to learn! By Jenny Leduc
  • Thank goodness for snow! So glad we were able to keep our Christmas Day toboggan tradition alive.
  • Snowshoeing
  • Even the dog has a mask for Covid
  • Covid Wear
  • Cottage Wear
  • #PandemicPuppy One summer evening Rosie arrived at the cottage as a surprise to the rest of her family. She has been in love with cottage life, boating and sitting on the dock ever since. She has also
  • From the cottage garden
  • Cottage Produce
  • Best hills on East Shore Rd.
  • Snow Day! East Shore Rd.
  • Tyler Van Veen-Pirie
  • Tyler Van Veen-Pirie
  • we played Monopoly online while we zoomed with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin in Guatemala, my Nana and Opa in Stouffville and friends in Montréal.
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