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Check out the @Severn Sound Environmental Association Aug 29th water quality update for MacLean Lake! The first panel show observations from the field along with algae bloom observations and highlights of invasive species to watch for, and the second panel shows trends so far this season in temperature, dissolved oxygen, water clarity, conductivity and water levels.


Note: Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit has issued a Water Quality Advisory for the Southwest shoreline of MacLean Lake due to blue green algae. Keep an eye out for accumulations of algae in other parts of the lake. For info on algae blooms and how to identify them, check out SSEA’s algae page, and the health unit page

For more info & updates every 2 weeks related to SSEA monitoring, visit their Monitoring Results page: This study is being supported by @Township of Severn.

Check out the Health Unit's Facebook Page

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