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Gypsy Moth Trap

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GYPSY MOTH TRAP Do your part to rid our forests of this destructive pest! An effective biological method for the monitoring and capture of the adult Gypsy Moth, an insect pest that causes serious damage to trees and ornamentals. Pesticide free and uses the biology of the insect to lure moths. The Gypsy Moth relies on egg fertilization to survive, therefore, trapping the male before it can fertilize the female serves as a considerable control. The males emerge prior to the females with the traps containing the female scent. If you put out your traps the first week in July you can get a jump on catching the males before the females even make an appearance. NO FERTILIZATION! The construction of this economical Gypsy Moth trap, not only makes it possible to catch large numbers of moths, but the replaceable adhesive insert enables repeated use in high infestation areas at minor expense. The pheromone is packaged separately and extra inserts are available. Weatherproof cardboard construction allows more than one season use. Size: 10 cm x 10 cm x 25 cm (4 x 4 x 10in.). Info sheet available.
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