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During the summer of 1911 Kitty Dunn and her friend Mary Hoge vacationed at the Moredolphton Camp at Gloucester Pool. 

Both had attended college at California University of Pennsylvania (which is now part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area) and then taught school until they married.  On graduation from college at 21 years of age Kitty and Mary joined a group of friends, (likely from the college as well) and travelled to Gloucester Pool for a vacation.    

Both were from Green County, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh. 

Photos taken during that vacation in the summer of 1911 at the Moredolphton Camp (now Severn Lodge) and the local area including the Big Chute and Little Chute were generously donated to Gloucester Pool Cottagers' Assoc. by Kitty Dunn’s granddaughter Anne Rank.

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